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The eagle’s mighty wings struggle to achieve victory over the pull of earth’s gravity, the weight of the large salmon in his talons adding to his efforts. Beat by beat he achieves scant altitude until he finally begins to lift. Ah! that thermal will carry him where he wants to go! Ascending through the clouds, he views the land far below, looking almost like a patchwork quilt. Soon he reaches the comfort of his nest, bringing his pair of eaglets a long-awaited feast. From this high vantage point, they can devour their dinner safely while he guards his territory, spying out predators or prey.

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Elmo Winters, leader of The Kingdom Group in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, describes a unique men's multi-racial outreach they are planning for August '19.

Let’s Walk Together

Larry Colbert, of Colbert House Publishing, discusses the oneness described in Ephesians.. He explores the message of love, forgiveness, and walking together as one.

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Joseph Zintseme, a missionary from Cameroon to Virginia with YWAM, explains his work to establish a new base in the Chesapeake area of Virginia.

Let’s Explore Racial Reconciliation

Why racial reconciliation?  We have become increasingly aware of the ripping divisions in the world–even in the church! Yet Jesus talked about the kind of oneness that He and the Father enjoyed (John 17: 21-23.) Amazingly, He prayed that we would experience that same kind of oneness with each other and with Him and with the Father. And then He boldly said that the world will know that the Father loves them when they see this kind of unity among believers! What an eternal, high perspective! It can’t be an unreachable goal because He predicts it.

Much of the conflict in America focuses on the racial tension between African Americans and whites. It’s in the news and it’s urgent. This is obviously the legacy of the 400 year old slave trade. It needs to be healed! So how does healing happen? What prevents it? Is anything being done to bring healing?

For those who have a desire to soar, to gain victory in the very real dilemmas of racial division, and to achieve a new perspective of God’s eternal plan, we offer this website. It’s a safe place to dialogue about the video clips and articles presented here, a place to explore new understanding of the ways of God, and to give testimonies to His goodness in the context of racial healing.

These will all become “pieces of the quilt.” As we begin to fly higher, patterns will emerge and insights will flow.

This will be a work in process and we invite you to engage in it with us! Send us your stories, thoughts, and resource ideas (no venting or profanity here.) Share with us your own journey of healing. Come grow with us and begin to see with an eagle’s perspective. Find the heart of God, Who wants us to be at one with each other, even as we are at one with Him!

Racial Healing: The Eagles
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Racial Healing: The Eagles