When slavery was abolished in America (and elsewhere), a residual effect of slavery was the racism that has pervaded our society, even to the present time. Of course, discrimination has been around since the beginning of the ages, whether the dividing line is established over color, shades of one color (for example, dark brown against light brown), shape of the eyes, place of birth, religion–and the list goes on. Mankind is divided.

We have chosen here to explore the legacy of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in America and the racial divide stemming from it. That divide is White vs. Black, or as one commentator has said, “The lighter hue” vs. the “darker hue.” Racism can be expressed on both sides in a variety of ways. Some racism is becoming more and more glaring, perhaps more prevalent– at least more in the news. But there are also subtler forms of racism that need to be noticed and talked about.

Explore with us this controversial topic…

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