Reconciliation Issues in the Inner Man

Many of the issues that come into play with racism and with reconciliation are reflected in the conflicts, dynamics, and healing within the soul of a person. In fact, there needs to be reconciliation within each of us—first to God, then with the conflicted, divided aspects of our souls as they are being sanctified. Understanding these dynamics can greatly help heal conflicts between individuals. Here are some key points to consider–

1. We are divided within, but God promised us a whole heart. James talks about double-mindedness. We walk with a foot in the Kingdom and a foot in the world. God desires us to worship Him with a whole heart and promises to give us one. We have been bought with a price; we are not our own.

2. What have we submitted to as believers? Do we realize that we are citizens of a new Kingdom with a new set of principles and ways, with a new kind of leadership. Is our loyalty to anything other than our King and His Kingdom. Do we see Him as sovereign—as Lord—in all the affairs of our lives? Who are we really blaming when bad things come to us? (Ps. 75:7, 105:17)

3. Is our thinking clearly Kingdom thinking? Or are we infected by lies from the culture we live in, from lies that came in because we were wounded, or from the sins and wounds of generations before us? From our worldly educational system? (In His Kingdom, we also get a new culture, a new (rather, no) race, new DNA. There is neither Jew nor Greek…) How infused are we by “cultural bias”?

4. Where do we get our sense of value (some call it “legitimacy”)? Does it come from what others say about us and call us, from what we achieve, from our titles, from our race? Or does it come from what our King says about us? How do we see ourselves as bel