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–But that doesn’t mean we are asking for your mailing list.  We are sensing that there is a real need at this time to be able to share information with like-minded groups who believe that Jesus has the answers to the racial divide.  Here’s how it will work:  we are dedicating a section of our website for Christ-centered groups to share their basic information and upcoming events.  It will be private—not available to the general public.  And if you put out information / announcements / newsletters by email, we will ask you for the name of a contact person (and an alternate contact person), who will screen those items on behalf of your group. In other words, your organization will decide what to forward to your own group’s mailing list. This is a way for Christian reconciliation groups to get a wider audience for their written materials without sharing their mailing list. You can multiply the effectiveness in your group’s sphere of influence and gain knowledge by sharing information with other groups (and pray for other groups). We will all be amazed to find out what God is doing across the country to heal the racial divide!

The application form for listing in our private directory and to participate in our mailing list is below. Please fill out the online version of the form or feel free to download the PDF version from the button below and email it to info@reconciliationeagles.com.

We would appreciate it if you would forward this to other groups that you know of who would like to be included in this Connection.

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