The Role of the Church

Church as an institution has had a spotty history regarding slavery, necessitating deep repentance for the part the Church has played in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

But, for hundreds of years, countless individual Christians have worked tirelessly and sacrificially to bring about the abolition of slavery, to help slaves find freedom, to help them rebuild their lives, and to bring them to Christ. The believing Church, through the power of Jesus Christ, is the only hope for healing of the deep scars of slavery and for rebuilding the nation in justice!

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Participation in Slavery

Throughout the ages, the institutional Church has taken part in slavery and in some instances, actually owned plantations. To justify slavery at one point, the church had to disseminate the lie that Africans weren’t fully human and therefore could be mistreated, subjugated, and enslaved for their own protection. For this and other travesties of justice, the church must deeply repent.