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Root Issues

It seems that to fly higher, you have to dig deeper to the root issues of a subject. In this section, we will look at some root issues behind the racism—Black and White—in America to find some possible solutions.

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Two-tone Twins

Believe it or not, these two beautiful little girls are twins. Born in April 2005 in Nottingham, UK, blue-eyed Remee (on the left in photo at left) would be called ‘white’, while many would label her brown-eyed sister, Kian, as ‘black’.1 The twins soon became the focus of much media attention. News reports described how both of their parents (photo below), Kylie Hodgson and Remi Horder, ‘have white mothers and black fathers. Read Two-tone Twins  

One Race One Blood

Most people do not realize how intimately connected the popular idea of evolution and the worst racist ideology in history are. Ken Ham and Dr. Charles Ware reveal the compelling history of the effect of an evolution-based belief system on the history of the United States, including slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, and abortion. They go beyond politically-correct speech to show the tragic global harvest of death and tragedy that stems from Darwin’s controversial beliefs. Visit One Race One Blood

Conflict Between Men

Man to God Proposition – Dr. Jack Gaines

Dr. Jack Gaines, author of My Brother’s Keeper, not My Brother’s Killer, shows us the root of conflict in the world in this video clip.  It isn’t really man to man, as we have believed.

Value of Man

Because man doesn’t know the source of his value—his worth—his basic identity, he tries to prove it in innumerable ways.  Achievements, riches, degrees, beauty, power, athletics, careers—all add up to high self-esteem in this world. The problem is, they can disappear in a moment, and his sense of value goes with them.

Man denigrates another person, or another race. For what reason? To elevate himself. Tribal wars are often fought to prove the superiority of one group over another.

What happens if man finds his worth in the fact that Almighty God purchased his freedom from slavery by giving His only Son to redeem him from an eternity in Hell? so that God could have eternal fellowship with him? When we know we are that precious to Him, do we need to prove anything else?

“He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved  Son, in Whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins” (Colossians 1: 13-14).


Our priorities aren’t always God’s priorities. He established Israel as His chosen nation. The Old Testament tells their story, but in the New Testament, the heart of God for the other nations (Gentiles) is revealed. But there are several references to “the Jew first, then the Gentile;” does this show a priority we need to pay attention to?